LEMAS productive, reliable, heavy duty hydraulic notcher for all your notching needs. It will shear mild steel and stainless at high production speeds and it's a snap to operate. The controls are laid out for straight forward, easy access, and a generous work table area allows your operator a wide variety of material positions, not just 90°. For extra value; we’ve also included a superior edge notching feature, right into the same table. So this is truly a top power notcher that does it all.

Hydraulic Notcher


Dual-head design: This design enable notching in one head and edge punching in another head.
Control system: Centralized control box with remote foot switch provides single,inch and continuous stroking operation.
Fine adjustment: A good scale for small materials positioning with a fine adjustment on X-axis and stop Y-axis is provided.
Material holder: In order to prevent deviation during cutting, this material holder can hold the material while lowering the blades.

Standard Equipment:

Full hydraulic drive and control system.
Notching blades
Edge punching blades
Remote foot control.
Finger guards.